Chimneys are often overlooked by homeowners and repairing them is often overlooked. The problem is that if you wait until it’s too late, you normally end up having to spend thousands of dollars repairing your interior because of water flowing into the house. Insurance companies won’t cover this because it was due to improper maintenance on the home owners behalf.

You the home owner should take a peak from year to year at your chimney and look for apparent dark spots between bricks where the mortar is wearing out or cracks in your bricks. If you see signs of this, it’s time to take action. Often times, the repair can be cheap if you catch it early. Not to worry, we have three great solutions for you.

Re-mortar the bricks: This is an easy solution that we have a lot of experience in. We will clean up the chimney’s exterior and mortar all the way around. This is not an easy process and requires perfection in the mix and application to ensure that the mortar sticks. A bad mortar job can leave your chimney in worse shape than it started.

New Chimney: If your chimney is in total disrepair, it’s time for a new one. We will rip out your old one below the roof line to get a good set and rebuild it. This is a long term solution and can last for years and years to come. Ultimately whether your chimney is cracking or broken, this is your best long term solution, but it’s the most expensive.

Cap- A lot of homes of no need of a chimney any longer. Instead of paying the cost of repairing or rebuilding, we can tear out the chimney from the roof line and cap it off. Problem solved and no future problems to deal with!

Please email us and we’ll come take a look and help assess your problem and give you a free estimate.